In an ever-changing world, more and more performers are asked to submit videos for auditions, both for college and productions! "Create Your Self Tape" is a course designed specifically to help performers of all ages submit the perfect audition video! Director,Performer, Educator and Voice Teacher Stephanie Scuderi leads a very well-informed course on every aspect of what goes into submitting a video audition. From the lighting and audio, to the location and even suggestions for the best equipment to use, Stephanie makes sure you look and sound your very best for any upcoming audition! This is a course any performer in the modern world should certainly make sure they purchase, and lucky for you, performers can start, stop, pause or rewind this course at ANY time, all from the comfort of your home on any device once purchased! So what are you waiting for? Dive into this very informative and fun audition course today!


More About Stephanie:


STEPHANIE SCUDERI is a freelance director, performer, educator and voice teacher based in New York. Stephanie holds a Master of Music in Vocal Performance with a concentration in Music Theatre from New York University, a post-master’s Advanced Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy from NYU Steinhardt, and a Certificate of Distinction in Vocal Pedagogy from the Boston Coservatory at Berklee as well. After spending the last two years teaching voice at NYU on the adjunct faculty, Stephanie is now currently on faculty at Temple University where she teaches voice in their BFA musical theatre program, in addition to her own private studio. Stephanie is also the Executive Director of Spotlight Arts Inc., a nationally recognized and award-winning theatre company based in lower Putnam & Northern Westchester, NY, and she remains involved in numerous regional theatre companies throughout the year as well.