During this time of social distancing, we would love to help you keep up your skills by making our workshops digital. Periodically, we will offer weekly workshops with different audition themes. 

What is Casted!?


Casted is a unique one day "Audition Experience" where students grasp knowledge of all categories of an audition while working with trained Broadway and NYC professionals. Our goal is to get students as comfortable as possible with an audition for any upcoming college program or school/local production. Students are broken down into small groups throughout the day to get a more intense one-on-one experience with our guest artists. By the end of the workshop, students will have had opportunities to work with our guest professionals on the 4 categories or an audition:

ACTING: How do I perform this monologue to its fullest potential? How do I not get choked up on nerves with the text of the piece? How do I show the director that I can take changes and be comfortable? All of this and more is included in in this intensive part of the day. We ask students to please come prepared with 2 monologues each (one comedic and one dramatic).

DANCE/MOVEMENT: How do I tackle a dance/movement call when I don't have dance training or experience? How do I show a production team that I am conformable in my body? This portion of the day will include students of all movement backgrounds and body types for a session in getting comfortable in your own skin! We ask students to please arrive to the workshop in comfortable clothing to move in.

SINGING: How do I choose the best audition cut for my voice? Do my song choices match the show I am auditioning for? By singing audition cuts for our guest artist in this section of the day, students will get direct one-on-one feedback as to how they can improve their audition cut to make it as strong as possible! (A Pianist will be provided). Students should come prepared with a book of sheet music audition cuts. 4 choices minimum (one up-tempo, one ballad, one classic and one contemporary).

BRANDING: How do I know what to wear to an audition? What should I wear in my headshot? How should I properly organize my sheet music in my binder for an audition pianist? How should I properly format my resume? All of these questions and more will be answered in our branding section of the workshop. Students will get one on one experience with Branding experts in making sure you look perfect for walking into the audition and nailing it! We ask students to please bring multiple outfit choices to show our Branding guest artist, in addition to having a headshot and resume.

Past Guest Artists Include:

BE MORE CHILL's Tiffany Mann

WICKED's National Tour 

Madeline Trumble


THE PROM's Becca Lee 

MEAN GIRLS Ashley Park

NEWSIES Caitlyn Caughell

ON THE TOWN's Tony Yazbeck


ALADDIN's Andy Grobengieser