What is "CASTED!"?

Casted is a unique "Audition Experience" where performers grasp knowledge of all categories of an audition while working with trained Broadway and NYC professionals in various formats and platforms. Our goal is to get performers as comfortable as possible with an audition for any upcoming college program or school/local production. Whether it be in one of our in-person workshops, a group virtual workshop, an on-demand video course, or a one-on-one virtual session with a pro, performers of all ages have opportunities to work with our guest professionals on the 4 categories of an audition. Choose the experience that works best for you! We have a wide array of experiences for all ages and comfort levels!

Theater Lights


How do I perform this monologue to its fullest potential? How do I not get choked up on nerves with the text of the piece? How do I show the director that I can take changes and be comfortable? All of these questions are answered in our experiences. Monologues can be worked on in our group virtual workshops, and audition tips and advice can be given when a performer books a one-on-one session with any of our NYC/Broadway Pro's! 


How do I tackle a dance/movement call when I don't have dance training or experience? How do I show a production team that I am comfortable in my body? Our On-demand video courses (taught by Broadway Professional Dancers) cover all of the "101" basics of moving comfortably in a dance call at an audition. Performers also get to learn actual Broadway Choreography in our in-person and group Virtual Workshops as well! 

Women in Dance Performance


How do I choose the best audition cut for my voice? Do my song choices match the show I am auditioning for? By singing audition cuts for our guest artists in almost all of our experience platforms, students will get direct one-on-one feedback as to how they can improve their audition cut to make it as strong as possible! What better way to get the best audition tips on vocals than from the pro's who get to do it 8 times a week on Broadway every week!



How do I know what to wear to an audition? What should I wear in my headshot? How should I properly organize my sheet music in my binder for an audition pianist? How should I properly format my resume? Performers get personal experiences with Branding from Award winning NYC Directors, Choreographers and Producers in our One-on-One sessions. Our talented team works hard to make sure you look perfect walking into the audition and nailing it! Our On-Demand Video Courses also outline some of the many ways performers can Brand themselves to be their best.

Actors Reading Script